A drunk driver without a driver’s license got stuck after driving at a vegetable stand

Surinamese police have arrested a drunk driver who broke a fruit stand on Martin Luther Kingweg last Sunday. It is about 35-year-old Jumal E. who also does not have a driver’s license, Suriname police say. Two people were seriously injured in the accident.

That morning, Jumal was driving drunk in his personal car on the road. He escaped from a road near Wanda Mart and ran over a fruit stand. The car then ended up with its head on the stand, and Ronald M. (16) and Taffarel P. (14), who guarded there, remained trapped by the devastation created at the fruit stand.

After the accident, driver Jumal left the scene on foot, leaving the two injured helpless. Ronald and Tafarrel were relieved of their troubles and were transported by ambulance to the emergency department of the Paramaribo Academic Hospital. Two of the injured were released after medical treatment.

After receiving information from bystanders, police officers tracked down the driver and found him a few miles away from the scene. At the time of his arrest, police determined he was heavily under the influence of alcohol. He refused to cooperate with the investigation and did not undergo a blood and written test.

It was also determined that the drunk driver did not have a driver’s license. He was taken to the police station for sobering up. When he sobered up, Jumal was taken to court and after consultations with the Surinamese State Attorney’s Office left the scene and left the victims helpless and insured, police said.

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