A fire and explosion on a Russian warship, the Ukrainian governor reported on the attack

Russia’s defense ministry says the warship Moscow, which is in the Black Sea, has suffered significant damage. According to Russia, there was a fire on the ship, after which the ammunition exploded. The crew would be evacuated.

The Ukrainian governor of the Odessa region and Ukrainian media reported a few hours earlier that the ship was hit by Ukrainian missiles. These would be Neptune cruise missiles.

The Russians do not confirm that the ship was attacked; the cause of the fire is not yet being investigated. According to Ukraine, there were 500 soldiers on board, but Russia did not confirm that either.

Moscow is the leading ship of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea. It was built in the early 80’s in the Ukrainian city of Nikolaev. Moscow has played an important role in Russia’s military operation to keep Syrian leader Assad in power since 2015.

The warship also made headlines at the start of the war in Ukraine. He was on the shores of the Black Sea Snake Island and asked Ukrainian border guards on the island to surrender. Published audio clips show Ukrainians shouting ‘take clothes off’ to Russians.

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