A historic Russian ship with three masts due to the war between the coast and the ship

But now the ship is in difficult times again. Due to sanctions against Russia, Russian ships are no longer welcome in European ports, and sailing back to Russia is not an option. He would be kept there immediately, the captain fears, also because of the conflict with the port authorities in St. Petersburg, which has been dragging on for years. The ship is currently located in Port-le-Bouc, a port near Marseille.

“We have permission to stay here for a few days. We hope long enough to find a solution how to proceed.” He would rather continue as planned to other ports in Spain and France, and then via Belgium and the Netherlands to Denmark.

Martoes hopes to be able to use the exception clause: according to the captain, ships with a humanitarian mission are welcome in European ports.

The crew launched a project to provide medical assistance and assistance to children in Ukraine. In addition, Shtandart wants to spread the message of peace and international cooperation with its international crew.

In addition to the Russian flag, there are flags of seven nationalities on board, including Ukrainian, because there are two Ukrainians among them. There is no talk of politics, it has always been an unwritten rule.

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