a rich woman who avoids taxes

Minister Sunak and Prime Minister Johnson during a visit to Fourpour Brewery in London's Bermondsey district, October 2021. Image AFP

Minister Sunak and Prime Minister Johnson during a visit to Fourpour Brewery in London’s Bermondsey district in October 2021.Image AFP

After presenting the spring budget, the satirical magazine teased Private investigator affected finance minister, Rishi Sunak. Under the playful head ‘April fuel‘included a photo of a minister filling someone else’s car tank for a photo opportunity. “How much does this cost me?” it was his fictional question in a comic bubble. “Your prime position,” the reply arrived. During the crown of the crisis, Sunak was a hero with his generosity. Now that he has to pay the closing bill, his star is falling.

But it was not so much the British Indian minister who was in trouble as his Indian wife Akshata Murthy. She is the 41-year-old daughter of one of the richest Indians. The Independent she revealed that she reported to the tax authorities as a non-resident, meaning she pays taxes only in India on the dividend she receives from her 0.9 per cent stake in her father’s IT company. That share is worth 600 million euros, which makes her richer than Queen Elizabeth.


This tax evasion, once introduced for plantation owners who refused to pay taxes in their country of origin, has lost more than twenty million pounds in the last five years in the treasury monitored by her husband. It is tax-legal, but politically explosive: the wife of a man who raises taxes does not pay taxes on his own. And then her father’s company Infosys makes millions on British government contracts.

It also comes at a time when British media reported that the food bank left fresh potatoes because poor people could not afford to cook because of the price of gas. Sunak decided to counterattack through an interview with Sun. ‘Let go of my miss‘read above the interview. – Don’t touch my girlfriend. He compared himself to Hollywood actor Will Smith who firmly defended his wife’s honor from a shameful attack at the Oscars.

According to Sunak, a multimillionaire in hedge funds, his wife’s tax information leaked to the media and Labor. The opposition party tried to take advantage of that. Lawyer Jess Phillips pointed out that Al Capone once fell for tax evasion. Even before the scandal erupted, South London Social Democrat Peter Carpenter tweeted that Sunak, who was born and raised in England, “must return to India with his billionaire wife”.

Green card

There were more leaks of information about Sunak. It was suddenly learned that he was a green card for the United States, where he studied and met Murthy. In Santa Monica, the two of them own a penthouse. Friends of Sunak’s anonymous friends suggested to reporters that 10 Downing Street was behind the leak. After all, Sunak is considered the favorite for prime minister if Boris Johnson falls. During the isolation crisis, Sunak barely supported his boss.

His wife announced late last week that she would pay Indian income tax in Britain to save her husband’s career. The Sunday Times revealed that Murthy had exchanged the official residence at 11 Downing Street with her two children for a family home somewhere else in London.

‘I think the finance minister,’ the writer concluded in a letter The Daily Telegraph“He’s starting to realize, if he hasn’t already done so, that politics is an extremely awkward profession.”

Patrick van IJzendoorn is a correspondent in London.

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