About Kieft Sinisterra: “Major clubs take this into account in their assessment”

Wim Kieft was late in his column Telegraph illuminate Feyenoord’s semi-finals in the conference league. The former footballer is debating whether to attract Cyriel Desses or not, Orkun Kökcü’s mistake and Luis Sinisterra’s sale.

The first can be finally taken over from KRC Genk for four million euros this summer, but it is still too much for the people of Rotterdam. “The agreed amount is big money for Feyenoord. However, for a player who scores so easily in Europe and must be able to score twenty goals in Eredivisie, four million euros is not much. ” desserts.

Kökcü’s personal mistake, which resulted in 1: 1, haunted Feyenoord’s youth exhibitor throughout the game. The midfielder referred to this in retrospect. Kökcü wants to take steps into the future, but Kieft believes that there is no place for it in top football. “The wrong moment, even if it’s crucial, can interfere with the rest of the game. Luka Modric doesn’t make that mistake anymore, but after that he would park the pass right away and start the race again. That’s part of a good player continuing to play as if nothing had happened. “

The columnist has not failed to notice that the midfielder has made progress this season. “He is developing rapidly in Feyenoord and is a regular regular player in the Turkish national team.” Kieft still considers Sinisterra to be “the most attractive player”. Despite Europe’s success, Feyenoord will not be able to sell it for Ajax. There is someone in Colombia right now who stands out in the Conference League, not the European League or the Champions League. The big clubs will take this into account in their assessment. “

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