Again riots in Sweden, a politician who wanted to burn the Koran hit by a stone

For the third day in a row, there are riots in Sweden due to the announced burning of the Koran, reports the public service SVT. Danish right-wing extremist politician Rasmus Paludan, who also burned the Koran at other political rallies, was hit by a stone in Malmö.

He has a wound on his leg, police said. A Danish journalist is also said to have been injured.

In addition to Malmö, there was a clash between protesters and agents in Landskrona. But the situation seems less serious than yesterday, when at least twelve police officers were injured.

The cause of the riots is through Paludan meetings. He gives speeches at these events, and the Qur’ans are burned, invoking freedom of expression. Muslims perceive the burning of their holy book as a provocation.

Police officers threw stones

In Landskrona, where Paludan also wanted to burn the Koran, anti-protesters pelted police with stones. It was then decided to move the event to Malmö. That’s how he got out of control here as well.

The meeting place in Malmö was surrounded by barriers, after which the motorist entered. The driver was arrested. As far as is known, no one was injured. Police officers used pepper spray to drive away the rioters. Cars were also set on fire.

masked men

Although the event in Landskrona was canceled, it remained unsettled there as well. Swedish television reports that at least two cars were burned. The video shows masked men throwing stones at police vans. Earlier in the afternoon, police said there were no arrests and no police officers were injured.

The riots began on Thursday in Linköping. At least three police officers were injured and several cars were set on fire. The next day there were riots in Stockholm and Örebro.

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