Ajax sees first sponsor after Overmars leave

Ajax has expanded and intensified its partnership with Staan Finance & Consultancy. It is the first Ajax sponsor since the departure of the much-talked-about football director Marc Overmars and is an important signal for the Amsterdam club.

Since Overmars left Ajax, several sponsors have expressed doubts in the media about continuing to sponsor Ajax. After overcoming the shock, all sponsors remained loyal to Ajax. The commercial department of the Amsterdam Club is relieved by the fact that there is now a sponsor who has extended Ajax.

Staan is an official supplier of Ajax and also an official financial and BI recruitment partner. The company uses the partnership for its employer’s branding activities and to further increase brand awareness, including in the Ajax business network.

Reactions Ajax and standing

Ajax Commercial Director Menno Geelen thanks Staan for his trust and closer cooperation. “In addition to contributing to Staan’s ambitious goals in more areas, we are very pleased with these services.”

Danny ‘t Hoen, Staan’ s CEO, is also pleased with the expanded and closer cooperation. “We continue to prove to the Ajax business network that we know how to put the right people in the right place, which we do in Ajax itself. Our collaboration is excellent, so we’re expanding our partnership to increase visibility, increase our chances of receiving our relationship in Ajax, and increase our ability to use Ajax at events and activations.

Bart Veenstra (Twitter: @Bart_Veenstra | email: b.veenstra@ajaxshowtime.com)

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