Angry Lyon fans don’t blame Bosz: “He didn’t get what he wanted”

The biggest supporters of Olympique Lyonnaise have accepted the current state of their club with their big statement. After a 0: 3 loss at home against West Ham United, it was enough, but the coach Peter Bosz is not hit.

The Bosz team flew out of the European League through The Hammers, who are in charge of Groupama Stadium. In retrospect, the fans made their dissatisfaction clear, believing that their team had been missing for years. Some made it very furious and ruined by the bleachers.

Lyon is in a disappointing ninth place in the league, and now that the European season is over, supporters like Bad Gones want to make their voices heard. They demand a change in mentality and want it to be reflected in the players.

Bosz stays away from danger. “Is the coach to blame?” Reads the statement. “Like his predecessors, he faces the same challenges and gets a different group of players than he wants. The players and the coach are passers-by, but that’s the mentality.

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