Arne Slot doubts Guus Tilis, sees Ofir Marcianos’ penalty assassin and finishes with questions about Ajax | European football

met with VideoArne Slot will likely miss Prague Slavia in the quarterfinals of Feyenoord between Guus Til when the first match ended 3: 3. Til stopped training on Slavia Square after the warm-up.

Mikos Gouka

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4/13/22, 8:46 PM

Guus Til is positive about his chances to compete with the Czechs, but Slot doubts. “I think it’s very uncertain if he can play. He returns to the square here in Prague for the first time since Heracles dropped out. If it goes well, the question is whether he will make it to the eleven start. But he has a good feeling about it, “said Slot, who has a good feeling about the duel with Prague Slavia.

“We are all positive about this meeting, but I appreciate the strength of the opponent. It is just very close between Feyenoord and Slavia. Here, too, we noticed at the beginning of this season that Slavia is playing at home differently than Slavia is away. They are always disciplined. Even in the phase when the opponent is better, they will not fight and will continue to fight for the result. ”

Slot has indicated that he has not practiced extra penalties: “In recent days, we have mainly focused on protecting standard situations. Can Ofir Marciano intercept well the penalties? I think at least you’ll see it in your workout. He can do it with his height. Penalty kicks would be the least fun way to reach the semi-finals. But maybe I’ll think differently after the game. ”


According to Slot, one aspect really changes tomorrow. Slavia Praha is one of the most disciplined teams he has ever played against as a coach. “Loyal to the game plan, that’s what Fredrik Aursnes called it,” says Slot. “I think it’s great. Even the attackers are ready to defend back at any time, if necessary, to their back line.

Arne Slot.
Arne Slot. © Pro Shots / Marcel van Dorst

At this level of discipline, Feyenoord must also be able to do so tomorrow night to reach the semi-finals against Olympique Marseille or PAOK Thessaloniki. “If we can match it, we can change it in other ways. And even in the dead moments of the game, we must be able to gather discipline. We weren’t sharp enough in last week’s home game. “

Oddly enough, Slavia Prague coach Jindrich Trpisovský mentioned this as one of the points that needs to be corrected against Feyenoord tomorrow. ,,Even better? They even scored a score for it, “says Slot.


Now Slot answered the questions of Ajax, who is looking for a coach, briefly, Erik ten Hag moves to Manchester United. The coach said again that he was not worried about Ajax, that he was happy in Rotterdam and that especially now he wanted to do everything he could to get Feyenoord to the semi-finals. He also answered the question that Slot could also say that he was simply not in the interests of Amsterdam and would have stopped the matter once and for all. “It’s almost strange for me to go back to that. I’ve had to answer questions three times now, but I’ve made it clear that I can’t imagine it. until Ajax has a new coach.

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