Attack on ‘fuck the warship’ a big blow to the Russians (if true)

This is what foreign expert Han ten Broeke from the Hague Center for Strategic Studies says. “Moscow is Russia’s leading ship on the Black Sea, the ship has a great reputation. If Ukraine managed to hit this ship, it will be a great incentive for them.”

Neptune cruise missiles

The Ukrainian governor in Odessa and Ukrainian media reported yesterday that Moscow was hit by so-called Neptune cruise missiles, but that claim has not been independently verified.

Russia is not saying anything about a possible missile attack that would hit Moscow, but it is talking about a fire. The ship was said to be badly damaged after ammunition exploded on it. The crew would be evacuated. “Even if it was a fire, it would show a high degree of incompetence,” says Ten Broeke.

loss of face

It is unclear whether there were any injuries or deaths as a result of the fire on the 186-meter-long ship, which can accommodate more than 500 crew members.

It is not surprising that Russia does not reveal much about a possible rocket attack on Moscow, because that would mean a huge loss of face. “This is their flagship. If they lose it, it will hit Moscow hard.”

Ironically: Moscow was built in Ukraine

Moscow is the main warship that Russia has deployed in the Black Sea. The ship was ordered by the Russian army in the 1980s, after it was built in the Ukrainian city of Mykolayiv in the Soviet era. In the past, Moscow has, among other things, been involved in the conflict in Syria.

According to Jaime Karremann, editor-in-chief of, Moscow mainly specializes in fighting other ships. “In addition, the ship can defend land and other ships from aircraft and missiles. The ship is one of the largest surface ships of the Russian Navy. It is 40 years old and was built in Ukraine, ironically.”

The problem may have been the age of the ship, says Karremann. “The ship is really a little old, for example, the radar material is no longer completely up to date. And that may have been Achilles’ heel during the attack. But, of course, we don’t know for sure.”

“Fuck you, warship!”

A successful attack on Moscow would also have great symbolic value for Ukraine. The ship was used to capture Snake Island at the beginning of the invasion. The Russian navy threatened to open fire, but the Ukrainians were not impressed. “Fuck you,” they replied over the radio. 13 Ukrainian soldiers refused to surrender.

Meanwhile, Russia and Ukraine continue to argue today about what happened. Ukraine reports that their rocket attack caused significant damage to Moscow, and the ship is sinking. Russia, on the other hand, reports that the fire on the ship is under control and that the damage is minimal. The ship was to be towed back to port.

“The only thing that is certain is what the Russians say: there is a fire on the ship, ammunition exploded and the entire crew was evacuated,” says Karremann. “But that tells me something. I can’t remember the fire getting out of control on such a ship without any outside influence. If the crew has to disembark, with naval ships it really means the ship has given up.”

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