Barcelona is embarrassed by the Eintracht invasion and intends to intervene

FC Barcelona intends to intervene after a shameful display at its Camp Nous. Eintracht Frankfurt fans bought tickets en masse to their homes, so that more than 30,000 people were present at the stadium in Catalonia.

said Joan Laporta, president of the club TV3 Please note that tickets for the European Games will initially be sold by name. “Our season ticket holders had more than 37,000 tickets, and many of these tickets have fallen into the hands of the Germans,” explains President Barça. “In addition, more than 34,000 tickets have been sold, and most of them have gone to the Germans.”

“Now I can say that tickets for international competitions will be registered from now on,” Laporta continues. “We didn’t really want to do it because it’s a measure that a very large percentage of benevolent fans would rather not want. But we don’t have a choice right now, because it should never happen to us again.”

Pictures of Eintracht fans celebrating at Camp Nous went all over the world. The Germans, who had arrived en masse in white, took possession of the entire stadium and were scattered. After the 2: 3 quarter-finals of the European League, a party took place and Eintracht players could actually go to the sun like at home.

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