Bas Tietema’s dream comes true with participation in Paris-Roubaix: “I live for this competition”

Bas Tietema’s dream comes true with participation in Paris-Roubaix: “I live for this competition”

Friday, April 15, 2022 at 12:01 p.m.

Bas Tietema will make his debut in Paris-Roubaix on Sunday, April 17, 2022. Eight years ago, he was able to come in third in the U23 version of Roubaix. Even before this achievement in the summer of 2014, we talked thoroughly with Tietema about his love for cobblestones and Paris-Roubaix.

Below you can read an excerpt from the WielerFlush Weekend interview in May 2014, when Bas Tietema drove to the BMC development team at the age of 19 and worked for Paris-Roubaix U23.

If you look at Tietema’s results, he is doing well, especially in time trials. “Time travel is something that suits me,” he admits. “I can do sprinting reasonably well, but I still have to discover what my qualities are. But as soon as the going gets tough, like in a classic work, I float to the surface. Maybe you can best compare me to Taylor Phinney. He can do a classic job well, he has a strong time trial and he is also quite fast. ”

“But that’s not enough for professionals. There you have to be a little better than others in some areas. For U23 and juniors, it’s more like having a big engine. You have to be strong in everything and then you specialize in something that suits you.

But there is no doubt about this specialization in Tietema. “It’s simple: I want to be a driver for spring classics like the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix. These are competitions in which I hope to be able to compete for victory in the long run. In addition, cobblestone competitions are best suited to my qualities. ”

“I have a big bike, I can drive well in time and I’m pretty fast at the finish. In addition, I think I’m tactically pretty good, because cycling doesn’t just mean heavy riding. Many can do it. But especially for the right points in the competition, it’s good for me to be in the right place. If you are strong enough, you will also get there in such competitions.

Bas Tietema in 2014 on behalf of the BMC training team – photo: Cor Vos

Love hell
Tietema will leave next month, on June 1, 2014, as one of the favorites of Paris-Roubaix under the age of 23. For him, this is the competition of the year. “This is my favorite game. Last year’s Roubaix result (22nd, ed.) Was less good than it actually went. I got stabbed in the final in both the first (36th, ed.) And second year. But it went well.”

“I think it’s nice to see how this match goes. It’s not so orchestrated, because the strongest always wins. But the surrounding experience with the Flemish experience is also the biggest. That’s why I want to drive so well in Roubaix. I live for the win.”

The answer to the question of which match should not be absolutely missed after a possible career is clear. However, the local Zwolle then comes out of his shell a little bit: “Can I name three? And so not missing means you win them? ”He laughs. “Then it would be Paris-Roubaix, the world champion and Olympic winner. If the Flanders tour is allowed, I will be more than happy.”

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