Binotto didn’t see Ferrari’s strong start coming: “I’m definitely surprised”

Many experts did not expect the phenomenal start of Ferrari’s 2022 season before the start of the season. Now the Italian stable is proudly at the top of the championship and seems to be the team to win at the moment. Mattia Binotto is open and honest and admits that she is surprised.

After several smaller years, the glorious Italian racing stable is now a dream come true. Scuderia’s name is once again proudly at the top of the charts, and finally Maranello can laugh again. After the catastrophic 2019 season, Ferrari had to line up and Mercedes and Red Bull Racing took over at the top of the battle.


However, the Italians have now seized the opportunity of the new rules with both hands, and the F1-75 is now a car that goes round and round. Binotto is a happy man. “We came to the winter tests and we knew we had built a competitive car. Anyway, I didn’t expect this car to be so good at the beginning of the season. It would have been unfair,” he said. the opposite Formula 1.


The boss of the Ferrari team continues. “Yes, so I’m definitely surprised. I think we’ve worked hard and made 2022 a priority. I knew our team was a great team and we’ve made a lot of progress in recent seasons. Anyway, I still believe the difference between us and “It can be very small between the competitors, as we have seen in recent weeks. I believe that there will be a good fight again in the next competitions,” he concludes.

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