Binotto points to Red Bull: “To finish first, you have to finish first”

Thanks to the resignation of three Red Bulls, two Max Verstappen and one DNF from Sergio Perez, both Verstappen and Red Bull are now well behind Charles Leclerc and Ferrari. Mattia Binotto knows the importance of credibility.

Red Bull’s lack of credibility has given Ferrari such a head start, and by 2022 it has already scored over 100 points. Now Verstappen has won two races behind Leclerc with his Ferrari, now with 46 points. The difference with the rest of the world, especially in terms of performance, is much greater.

In front of Binotto Red Bull

In a chat together Ferrari team leader Binotto notes that reliability is as important as a fast car. Binotto cites the current situation of Red Bull as an example. “Reliability is part of performance. To finish first, you have to finish first, so reliability is a key element. As a team, we put it first in the race setup – it’s part of the game.”

Important points

If Verstappen hadn’t lost in those two races, the difference with Leclerc would now be 10 points instead of 46. A huge difference that could decide whether or not Verstappen could become world champion. Binotto knows that too. “At the end of the season, is that a factor? Certainly it is. All the elements must be in place to win the championship.”

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