Boscagli doppelgänger seen in Ajax: “Can switch very quickly in the brain”

Ronald de Boer calls Ajax a light favorite in the final of the KNVB Cup Series against PSV next Sunday. The former Ajax player emphasizes that the result achieved by De Kuipis will not lead during the rest of the competition.

“For me, it’s 55/45. I think Ajax has a little more weapons than PSV,” De Telegraaf said. Ziggo analyst suspects that Olivier Boscagli’s loss could be decisive for Ajax. “He was a leader in PSV and important in building. A bit like Daley Blind, who is also not the fastest but can switch very quickly in the brain.”

Eredivisie’s are four points on both titanium rankings. According to De Boer, the final result will not affect the final rounds of the competition. “The loser says he is now fully committed to the title race and the winner will probably feel good. But – and this is a cliché – it is a competition in itself. A duel with prestige at stake and a nice prize can be won.”

As an expert in experience, De Boer knows that the focus of both teams is mainly on the national title, as it directly strengthens the Champions League football. Nevertheless, he sees winning the cup as a nice culmination of the season. “I’m thinking of the 1995 World Cup game against Grêmio. On the way to Tokyo, we thought it wasn’t much. But when we won, we were happy as a child. And after that it was a finale, including a tribute. feel like they’re winning the trophy. ”

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