Boxing talent Alicia Holzken stops, her father Paul is furious with the boxing association

Alicia Holzken decided to hang boxing gloves with a heavy heart. According to the boxer Sint-Oedenrode, the boxing association has not complied with the agreements. His father is angry. “The greatest talents are being destroyed.”

Paul Holzken has a hard time holding back his emotions about his daughter’s career. “Alicia has been in the national election for thirteen years and with the union we have only experienced misery,” says Paul. According to him, the trade union has not complied with a number of agreements.

For example, it was agreed that Alicia would receive 1,500 euros a month. This would allow the 25-year-old boxer to focus entirely on boxing. But two months later, according to the Holzken family, no more money came. “Something is wrong here,” Alicia concluded.

Father Holzken then called the technical director of the Boxing Association. “He informed us that they had forgotten to tell us that the money was lost,” says very disappointed Paul Holzken.

According to the Holzkens, there was another order. Alicia, a member of TeamNL, should continue training for her team, which is coached by her father. The union would also have promised that its gym in Eindhoven would be a base for other boxing talent. “All the promises that have not been fulfilled,” says Father Holzken.

The Dutch Boxing Association does not want to answer by phone, but posted a statement on its website. It’s a “defamatory story.” The union says the good conversation is obvious and they understand the complaints of the Holzken family. “But there are limits and, unfortunately, they have been severely crossed by now,” the boxing association said.

The Dutch Boxing Association says it supports technical director René Braad and refers to his volunteer post. “We have limited resources and we all have to do it together.”

Meanwhile, in desperation, Alicia sees her dreams fade away. “Father, I want to do something about my life. I want to be an Olympic winner “, his daughter’s statement Paul Holzken still remembers well. According to him, the attitude of the union is no longer good. “We’ve already seen a lot of talent die, and the same thing is happening to Alicia now. We don’t trust it at all anymore.”

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