David Lappartient: “Flanders and Roubaix got stuck in the autumn? Why not!”

UCI President David Lappartient is open to a radical reform of the WorldTour calendar in the coming years. One option is for the Frenchman to end the cycling season with a Flemish tour and Paris-Roubaix in the autumn. Lappartient talks about this in a one-on-one interview with that CyclingFlashreporter Raymond Kerckhoffs was with him. The full interview with the UCI presidents will be published on this site next week.

Lappartient refers to the previous two seasons when the calendar layout had to be adjusted due to Covid-19. “Paris-Roubaix was always on the second Sunday in April,” explains Lappartient. “Last spring, however, local authorities banned the race due to the coronary situation in northern France. If necessary, a place for Paris-Roubaix was found in the calendar in the autumn. This transition to October 3 has not made the game less attractive.

Mathieu van der Poel Paris-Roubaix’s 2021 – photo: Cor Vos

“On the contrary, it was one of the most heroic publications of l’Enfer du Nord in history. I talked about it with the organizer ASO. They stated that a change in the Paris-Roubaix date had never been considered before. Now they are very different. This will create many more opportunities in the future.

“The organizer does not have a specific date”
In connection with the relocation of the competitions of all two coronary seasons, Lappartient has recently negotiated a thorough reform of the calendar with some of the organizers and the team.

Lappartient: “Will the season end with a tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix? It’s something we couldn’t have imagined before. Now I ask myself: why not? monuments. “

According to the president of the UCI, everything is currently possible in the calendar format. “We have now distributed WorldTour licenses to the organizers of 2023, 2024 and 2025. The document received by the organizers states that they are assured of WorldTour status, but the date of the competition is still open for discussion. The organizer does not have a specific date in the calendar.

photo: Raymond Kerckhoffs

Reorganization calendar
The main reason Lappartient wants to reform the calendar is to avoid duplication of WorldTour competitions. “But,” he says, “it’s definitely going to be about redesigning the calendar. Most organizers now realize that changing the date can also offer opportunities and opportunities. However, all those involved in cycling have signaled to us that they are ready to consider change.

The dates of the three major rounds are in principle out of the question. Lappartient: “The Grand Tour may be postponed by a week or two, but will generally remain the same. The Tour de France will take place in July. The Giro d’Italia will continue before the Tour de France, while Vuelta a España will take its place after Tour: For major tours, we are not changing the calendar, the Grand Tour cannot be opened, but it will not be possible to end the season at the end of October due to the high altitude weather conditions.

An interview with David Lappartient will be published next week CyclingFlash.

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