Derksen praises: “It’s a slot year”

Johan Derksen was very critical of Feyenoord and Arne Slot at the beginning of the season. After reaching the semifinals of the Conference League and the current third place in Eredivisie, Mustache however, his mind changed.

“It’s a Slot year. He’s done such a great job in Feyenoord. He really squeezed out of Feyenoord more than optimal, and with good football,” says Derksen. Inside today† ” But the funny thing about this Slot is that you (Hélène Hendriks, ed.) Have seen him play in the NAC. Then that plush was first class, wasn’t it? “Hendriks agrees,” We always called him Mrs. Slot. “

Derksen thought that the current Feyenoord coach was a good football player. “He was technically talented and never had dirty pants or anything. He walked very upright but was able to play football pretty well.” The analyst also shares an opinion on the four-million-euro lease option for Cyriel Dessers’ lease.

Hendriks sees opportunities for Desses. “They have already brought in about ten million euros with the conference league. Desserts cost four million. Already on Thursday, Kees Jansma said, “Where else can you get a boy who scores so easily and is there now?” Then you quickly lose a few million or have to take risks.

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