Diemers on the Feyenoord period: “It has not been an honest fight”

April 16, 2022 – Mark Diemers thinks that supporters of Feyenoord have not given him a fair chance. The 28-year-old midfielder came from Fortuna Sittard in the summer of 2020 and felt written off before showing anything. Diemers has been playing for Hannover 96 since January, which he will hire from Feyenoord until the end of the season.

Feyenoord stole just under a million euros from Diemers FC FC just under two years ago. In his first season at Rotterdam, he played 29 games for Eredivisie, but he was never undisputed. Certainly not with supporters who often pointed accusing fingers at Diemers when it became difficult in Feyenoord.

“I soon got a sign in Feyenoord. I came from a small Fortuna Sittard, I haven’t been able to show anything yet, but I was already written off,” Diemers tells the magazine in an interview. ELF Football† “It has not been an honest struggle. I was valued internally, but less so externally. Although there has never been a childhood dream abroad, interest in Hannover 96 was called.”

Diemers is having a good time in Hanover. With the German club, the midfielder seems to be holding in the 2nd Bundesliga. “I’d like to stay abroad. Be it in Hanover or somewhere else, I’ll watch. In any case, I like it,” says Diemers. “I currently live in a hotel and will stay there for the next few months. The hardest part is that I am often without a family. I understand German well, but most of the time I speak English. If I stay longer, I will definitely learn the language first. “We’re not completely safe yet. Only then will I make a choice, but one thing is for sure: this adventure in Hannover 96 tastes more like a foreign country.”

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