DNF Verstappen criticizes Red Bull: “It just shouldn’t happen”

Because this season, Red Bull’s task is to process the RB18 engine in the car properly and flawlessly. According to Marc Surer, a lot of things are going wrong there this season.

In Bahrain, Max Verstappen retired due to a vacuum that prevented fuel from entering the engine and the engine decided to stop. Last weekend in Australia, Verstappen dropped out of P2 again with another problem. Red Bull now knows the reason for this, but has not yet agreed to share its findings. However, the fact that Verstappen smelled something strange does not bode well.

Red Bull must go to a higher level

While Honda continues to supply parts and an engine in the background and has also made some employees available to Red Bull, the arrangement is different from last year. Red Bull must now, in a different place than last year, adapt the engine to the RB18 as well as possible. According to former F1 pilot Surer, things are going wrong there. That’s what he says in the conversation Formel1.de† “The pipe broke in Melbourne. So there is a weak spot or this part is installed incorrectly. In either case, it just shouldn’t happen. The part was too weak or poorly designed. However, the most likely reason for me is that during installation something went wrong. “

Big difference for Red Bull

Thanks to two interruptions, the difference between Verstappen is now 46 points instead of 10. Ferrari also has more than twice as many points in the constructors’ championship league. Red Bull seems to be able to solve the problems, but the consequences are great. Partly because Red Bull now has to hunt.

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