Dost is surprisingly linked to FC Emmen: “It’s too early”

Return of Bas Dosti to FC Emmen? In De Oude Meerdijk, they dream about it out loud. President Ronald Lubbers does not rule out the possibility that Dost will return in fourteen years, although it is still very premature, he adds.

Dost (32) currently plays for Club Brugge. He left Emmen in 2008 and then played for Heracles in Almelo, sc in Heerenveen, VfL in Wolfsburg, Sporting in Portugal and Eintracht in Frankfurt. It may be possible to return to Emmen.

“He has to fit in the picture. It depends on how things go. It makes sense that there is more interest in him,” Lubbers told RTV Drenthe. “It’s too early to say anything at all.”

“We don’t like this charade very much and Basile does too. He likes the game. Maybe he can go to a club five times bigger. We have to wait and see. It can’t be said that it’s impossible, but not that it’s possible. “It’s too premature. How does he feel about me? That he won’t mark us, but it’s too premature again.”

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