Dozens of first lady donations related to Easter

Dozens of first lady donations related to Easter

In connection with the upcoming Easter, First Lady Mellisa Santokhi-Seenacherry made several donations to people who asked for support.

She personally handed over the requested information to those who qualified on Wednesday, April 13, in the Congress Hall. The gesture consisted of vouchers, education tablets, school packages, brushes and wheelchairs. This donation was made possible by donor intervention. In doing so, the First Lady seeks to meet the needs of this group of citizens to some extent.

In her speech, the First Lady indicated that Easter is a period of taking action with love, and especially giving where possible. “During Easter, we give a positive, and that can be done by a simple act, for example, to give someone a compliment. There’s a lot of negativity around us, that’s given. What takes over power is generating positive thought. And we must do it not only now, but forever “, said the first lady to the group of citizens.

Dwain Marno received a wheelchair for Mr. Wilg Vroom, who became disabled due to an accident. “Because of the accident, he was rejected by his family, who should support him. He now has a wheelchair, but it is no longer usable. No more tires, only rims left. So I am very happy that the first lady gave him a wheelchair and I thank her a lot on his behalf, ”Marno said.

After the gift, the First Lady wished those present a blessed Easter.

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