Driessen believes that Feyenoord’s success is not special and criticizes PSV

April 15, 2022 – Valentijn Driessen does not take part in the euphoria surrounding Feyenoord’s appearance in the conference league. Chief of football Telegraph called the success “special at all” and hopes the Rotterdammers will fly out in the next round. The journalist was not at all happy with PSV.

“No, they’re not going to beat Olympique Marseille,” Driessen said firmly in the podcast. Kick off from his newspaper. “It’s the first serious opponent they’re facing. That’s all it says. They’ve had eight opponents so far and everything is suspicious. Marseille has something else. Of course I’m really looking forward to it. seen.”

The fact that the Netherlands has a semi-finalist at European level for the first time in over a year says little about Driessen’s status as a contestant. “The Netherlands is just sixth on the odds list. Then it’s not so special that the lowest level Dutch club in Europe is in the final stages of the tournament. It shouldn’t be any special either. These big countries supply the clubs with all the Champions League and Europe League.”

At the same time, Driessen saw that PSV flew out, which he called “failure” due to Roger Schmidt ‘s substitution policy. “PSV is falling against the ninth in the Premier League. It’s not a special team at all. They have a good football goalkeeper Schmeichel and Maddison is a great player. There’s really not much else there.”

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