Eddie Irvine wants to see Max Verstappen recover: “Max is still mentally young”

Lars Leeftink

Eddie Irvine has a preference for Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. Both riders will compete for the championship this season.

The bee Gazetta dello Sport the former F1 pilot says he says Verstappen still makes a lot of mistakes. “I really don’t think anyone is faster than Verstappen. Nevertheless, I think he’s just making too many mistakes and Charles Leclerc isn’t making them.” This does not apply to a mistake that Verstappen made, for example, last year in qualifying in Jeddah. “Such mistakes are generally insignificant. Verstappen always makes the mistake of going from aggression to himself.”

Irvine over Leclerc

Irvine praises Monegasque, who is currently leading the World Championship match. “Leclerc is very intelligent, he has a personality and he drives mature. Verstappen is a little younger mentally.” However, Irvine also sees a challenge for Leclerc. “He has to compete with Verstappen, Red Bull and Adrian Newey. It’s very difficult.”

Irvine over Verstappen

However, Irvine is not negative about Verstappen. According to Irvine, Verstappen is at the level of a seven-time world champion and may one day reach that level. “Max reminds me of Michael Schumacher. He always manages to keep a good pace, and no one who drives the same car comes close to him.”

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