Elmar Reinders won the monument to Arno Wallaard

Elmar Reinders won the monument to Arno Wallaard

Saturday, April 16, 2022 at 6:29 p.m.

Arno Wallaard’s memorial 2022 is in the name of Elmar Reinders. The Dutchman of the Riwal Cycling Team won the sprint three after 188.1 kilometers from his compatriot Maikel Zijlaard (VolkerWessels) and the Danish Tobias Kongstad (Restaurant Suri-Carl Ras). For Reinders, this is the fourth win of the season.

In the first kilometers of the race, two riders split: Matthijs de Leng and world traveler Bart Buijk. For a long time the two of them drove in front, until after a few tens of kilometers they were all together again. Peloton soon broke into two pieces. This situation lasted for up to eighty kilometers, when the second group was maintained by a major accident. The competition was then suspended for some time.

The match continued
After the race continued, with the same differences as before the neutralization (50 seconds between the first and second groups), thirteen riders escaped the first peloton at one point. These included Maikel Zijlaard, Elmar Reinders and Tobias Kongstad. After a long hunt about thirty kilometers before the end, eight more riders joined the first, taking us to the finals with a 21-member steering group.

Not long after, 23 kilometers, Zijlaard, Reinders and Kongstad opened the gap from the other eighteen. In the local rounds, they increased their success to almost a minute, which means that the trio had to face each other to win. Reinders showed himself the fastest in the sprint. Zijlaard was second and Kongstad third.

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