Erik Ten Hagi led five potential assistants to Manchester

April 14, 2022 – It is only a matter of time before Erik ten Hagi is introduced as the new head of Manchester United. The 52-year-old coach must immediately see who he wants to be the assistant coach from that moment on. lists a number of candidates.

Robin van Persie
It is important that the club’s assistants can complete the head coach. Despite his performance at Ajax, Ten Hag is not a big name in England, which is why Robin van Persie is mentioned as an assistant coach. Born in Rotterdammer, he still works for Feyenoord’s technical staff, but has a past with The Red Devils. It is therefore logical that his name should fall on an industrial city in England. The only thing that could stop a 38-year-old former assailant from getting a British work permit is that he doesn’t seem to get one. It therefore appears that Van Persie’s return to Old Trafford as coach has now been canceled.

Mitchell van der Gaag
Accordingly The Athletic Ten Hag would like to bring one of his current Ajax assistants, Mitchell van der Gaag, to Old Trafford. Van der Gaag has been de Tukker’s assistant coach in Ajax 1 since the start of his season after leaving Amsterdam’s U23 in the summer. This season, a 50-year-old man from Zutphen would have made a great impression on Ten Hagi. Van der Gaag’s advantage is that he is fluent in English and Portuguese. The downside is that the 50-year-old coach is a big unknown in England, which means that Ten Hag doesn’t have a big-time helper.

Steve McCLaren
Someone with decent results in England is Steve McClaren. The 60-year-old Briton had previously worked as an assistant coach at The Red Devils and was also active as the head coach of the England team. Ten Hag and McClaren also have a common past. When the English coach worked for FC Twentes, the current coach of Ajax was his assistant coach there. In Manchester, the two could now turn the table.

Jaap Stam
Although the name of Jaap Stam is now less mentioned, his name immediately went round. After leaving FC Cincinnati, Stam has been without a club for some time, so a new challenge awaits him. Maybe there is a new challenge for him in Manchester. Stam, a former The Red Devils player, of course, is well acquainted with the club, as is Van Persie. However, Stam’s last years of coaching have not been successful, so it is questionable to what extent Ten Hag sees him coming.

René Meulensteen
René Meulensteen has a rich past as Manchester United’s assistant coach. The 58-year-old coach was the seventh best hand in the Premier League from 2007 to 2013. The Dutchman, who is currently the assistant coach of the Australian national team, worked closely with Sir Alex Ferguson during this period. Who knows, Meulensteen could return to his old club nine years later. With his arrival, Ten Hag would have a lot of experience.

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