Fans furious over new CL setup: “Hidden Super League”

15:24 – The Champions League marks a major reform. On 10 May, the UEFA Executive Committee will decide whether or not to approve the new system. Sources around UEFA say there is a good chance that the new Champions League format will be over. This has provoked anger from the Premier League supporters’ association (FSA).

Fans are furious about the new CL setup:

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Just to refresh the memory. The plan is that from the 2024-2025 season, our known group system will no longer be used. The 32 teams are now divided into eight subgroups and each team plays six subgroup games. The new line-up includes one large group with at least 36 clubs. Each team then plays ten (!) Duel against “random” opponents and the best teams in the final standings move to the knockout phase.

However, opponents are not completely random, as a weighted draw (based on odds) ensures that a top club is not only tied to other top clubs. According to the FSA, this format still favors a monopoly on top teams. “In fact, it’s still disguised as the Super League they’re trying to drive through the back door.”

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“These changes will only widen the gap between rich and poor.” Another argument against the new line-up is that the club schedule is currently very full and it will only get worse with extra group games. “Such pointless subgroup games cause problems in national competitions. That is why we are strongly opposed to these reforms.

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