FC Groningen and Club Brugge agree on Bjorn Meijer | Football

Following the rejection of the 3.5 and 4.5 million bids by FC Groningen, the two clubs have agreed on a transfer fee of € 6 million. At the highest level, only a significant amount for 20 players with match experience, but Club Brugge sees a left-wing defender of the future in 19-year-old Meijer who has made a breakthrough this season. De Groninger signs a five-year contract with Bruges under Alfred Schreuder.

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Meijer, who trained as a local VV Helpman scout and himself, became the main player only after the winter break and still plays football with a youth contract. After Gabriel Gudmundsson’s sale last summer, the Swede also raised 6 million euros, the new left defender was Yahya Kalley from Sweden, but this purchase has been trumpeted by his own youth product Meijer, who was never considered a great talent. academy. In recent months, however, the scouts have walked out of FC Groningen for a physically strong defender, with many clubs seeing a modern quarterback with many opportunities. Bruges was ready to go far on behalf of the young man, so FC Groningen sees millions flowing in again.

The largest transfer

The dairy is not expected to be the only major outgoing transition in this window. Jørgen Strand Larsen, Laros Duarte and Neraysho Kasanwirjo are also followed by interested clubs. Attracted more than 1 million euros two years ago, Strand Larsen is having a good season with 30 games and 15 goals and hopes to take a step further this summer. Several strongmen from Scandinavia, who have already scored some great goals this season, are being closely watched from France, among others.

The same is true of Duarte, which is associated with clubs such as VfB Stuttgart and Stade Rennais. The midfielder, who has recently shown fine football against Ajax, is only making his first season in FC Groningen. Rotterdammer, with its Cape Verde roots, was taken over from Sparta Rotterdam last summer for around € 700,000.

After a very strong debut year in FC Groningen, Kasanwirjo, who has been taken over from Jong Ajax last summer, has many clubs.

A quick trip

The fact that players such as Meijer, Duarte and Kasanwirjo are leaving or are in danger of leaving after so few full-time matches makes FC Groningen feel mixed. From an economic point of view, the club scores great. Last summer, for example, more than 10 million euros were handed over in the transition market, but coach Danny Buijs saw five or six main forces leave to start again after a good seventh place last season.

The coach, who finished the previous three seasons nicely in the left row and is despite all the changes in the course to do it again, said at the beginning of the season that he was disappointed that he could not build every year due to many mutations. . He also discussed this with technical director Mark-Jan Fledder, who decided not to renew the successful Buijs contract at the turn of the year and to bring Frank Wormuth from Heracles to Groningen due to disagreements and a lack of agreement. real click.


The other side of the story is that since the arrival of Fledderus, which passed from Heracles in early 2019, FC Groningen has brought an impressive 36 million euros into the transition market. And if interest in Strand Larsen, Duarte and Kasanwirjo continues, that amount could rise to more than € 45 million after the forthcoming transition period. This is a huge amount of money for the Eredivisie undercover and a very welcome amount to keep the club financially healthy. At the end of last year, for example, FC Groningen was able to pay the investment fund, which financed previous players’ purchases, in a single installment of EUR 6 million. The club is now able to pay transfer fees for such interesting players as the Swedish growth Paulos Abraham (€ 2 million) and the aforementioned Strand Larsen (over € 1 million) and Duarte (nearly € 700,000). Thus, the success wheel of the transition continues to spin, so it is a challenge for FC Groningen to have the financial hits go hand in hand with the tempting successes.

Traditionally, many Dutch players have signed Club Brugge contracts. There are currently three: Noah Lang, Ruud Vormer and Bas Dost. But there is a chance that all three will take action next summer. Dosti’s contract expires and an attacker who only takes a few minutes to find a new club. Vormmer can also be found on Schreuder’s bench, and he is very skeptical that Bruges will want to continue in this role. And Lang aims to take a step up this summer, but even if it all happens, Belgium’s top club will continue to connect with the Meijer.

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