“Ferrari wants to run out of Red Bull and implement F1-75 accelerated upgrades”

Ferrari will make several upgrades to the F1-75 during the upcoming Grand Prix, he announces Motorsport.com Italian branch† These innovations should ensure that the already big lead over the Red Bull Racing at the Designers’ Championship is further expanded.

Ferrari is already coming to the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix with a new floor, which will take place on the weekend of April 22-24 in Imola. preachingto fight the problem. After that, an Italian racing stable will be available for an early version of the hybrid system for racing in Miami in early May. This applies to the MGU-K, the battery and the control unit, also known as control electronics called.

The FIA ​​may homologate the hybrid system until September, and Ferrari will use it at the beginning of the season. Initially, these updates were only made during the Spanish GP in mid-May, but Ferrari seems to have already seen very good test results. The reason for the earlier introduction of the race for updates.

Ferrari possible with a new engine to Barcelona, ​​Haas and Alfa Romeo will also benefit

Ferrari is also entering Barcelona with a brand new engine. The first bike, which has already been used on the first weekends, will only be used for free training. Upgrades to the new powerplant would also improve the performance of the Haas and Alfa Romeo customer teams. Ferrari’s goal with innovations is to be the fifth Grand Prix ahead of Red Bull by at least fifty points.

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