Feyenoord again in twenty years in the semifinals of the European tournament Football

In Europe, against 27-year-old Desses, he is already at eight gates and is doing a great service to the people of Rotterdam. Gone are the days of Robert Bozenik, and Lucas Pratto, an attacker picked up by Genk, has become the legion of the Legion and has been almost empty in Eredivisie for a few years.


Together with Luis Sinisterra, who scored the third goal, he formed a killing duo in front of him. But where the Belgian and the Colombian shone offensively, the defenders Lutsharel Geertruida and Tyrell Malacia shone. The two products of the in-house Academy remain relaxed in the European arena and ensure pride among their supporters.

Arne Slot can be proud of his team, which has learned to play mega-attacking. It was sometimes a trial and error, but at the moment it is quite close to the European final.

The muddy pitch made the game a gritty affair, which seemed to suit 42 minutes into the game. Exactly what happened last Sunday against Almelos Heracles and where Feyenoord scored the fastest goal of the season. Fortunately for the Rotterdam team, Ofir Marciano was in the right place when Niger striker Collins Sori was put in and prevented such a dramatic start.

A real attacker

Less than a minute later, Feyenoord took advantage of a capital attack in the defense of the home team, where Slavia’s Prague heat hit Dessers’ feet. He still had half a square to bridge, but ended up like a real striker. Belglane stabbed the ball at full speed and from a distance into the far corner: 0-1.

Cyriel Desser will be delighted by the fans of Feyenoord who have traveled

Cyriel Desser will be delighted by the fans of Feyenoord who have traveled

With this, Dessers immediately confirmed the right of the Slot coach, who again had to decide which of his two attackers he would give the base place to. That’s why Slot chose Desser this time and had less good news for Bryan Linsen, who he put on the bench. A week ago against the same opponent, the situation was exactly the opposite.

Sweet revenge

It seemed like the start of Feyenoord’s dreams in an arena turned into a red-and-white hell by Slavia’s Prague supporters. Fifteen minutes later, the text “Sweet Revenge” appeared on a grandstand more than 100 meters long and 30 meters high, referring to a subgroup tournament in which Feyenoord stood out against the Czechs.

However, the beginning of this dream was destroyed by Orkun Kökcü, who made an even bigger blow than the home team in the second minute. Turkey’s defender played back despite his goalkeeper Marciano, but he wasn’t as close as he thought. Ibrahim Traoré said “thank you very much” and almost put the ball into the goal of Feyenoord: 1: 1.

Orkun Kökcü (left) is completely wrong.  Fortunately, the midfielder will not be fatal to him or Feyenoord.

Orkun Kökcü (left) is completely wrong. Fortunately, the midfielder will not be fatal to him or Feyenoord.

Feyenoord longed for the semifinals even more than PSV. This weekend, the people of Eindhoven still have a chance to win the grand prize. Feyenoord had no other irons in the fire and so it was a matter of “tea or die‘.

But so did the Czech leader. Slavia Praha played with a knife between her teeth from the first minute. At times in relentless duel, as Malacia had to experience before half-time. A defender managed to keep the ball from crossing the goal-line after a curling shot coming in from the right from Sori Achilles after 31 minutes, and prevented Sori Achilles from going up another goal.

The physical strength of Dessers was thus beneficial, just as Slot had predicted before the game. He managed to lead the team with a strong middle duo and took the lead again in the half. Dessers threw a large body into the fight and was lightning fast in front of the goalkeeper, who barely pushed back with his right foot. After that, Reiss Nelson, who finished in the league in London on Sunday morning two meters away, should have scored.

Vigade festival

While the first half was a festival of mistakes, from which the gates were born, the moment for Slavia’s goalkeeper Ales Mandous was great. With his sixteen-meter break, he won first place at the stupid festival in Prague. The desserts, in turn, said “Thank you kindly” in Flemish and were suitable for 1-2.

Kökcü played with fire during this phase and was a link for Feyenoord as Jens Toornstra had already lost due to an injury to his ankle. Kökcü, who was in the middle of Ramadan, seemed to lack sharpness in his head. He ran to a stupid yellow card and then continued to make mistakes. During the break, the midfielder still seemed to be moving 1: 4, but as he approached the goalkeeper alone, he was stopped by Taras Kacharaba, who had to leave the field with a red card.

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