Feyenoord and Van Bronckhorst put Portugal in a weak position

Friday, April 15, 2022 at 12:01• Jeroen van Poppel • Last Updated: 12:05 AM

The Netherlands hit Portugal again in the ranking of the odds. Feyenoord took a full catch with Slavia’s Prague victory (1-3) and the Netherlands hits a deeper crater towards the Portuguese. The competitor is ready in Europe and can only pray that the Netherlands will further increase its lead for the rest of the season. The Netherlands already have almost 2 points ahead of Portugal (in the position that will take effect on July 1) and a great starting position to secure two direct Champions League tickets in May next year.

The Netherlands could have been much better, but PSV’s 1-0 lead was a 1: 2 loss to Leicester City: 0 points. Feyenoord fulfilled his mission by earning 2 club points for victory in the Czech Republic, plus 1 club point for reaching the semifinals of the conference league. The Dutch 3 points are shared by 5 European participants: 0.6 extra points. At this stage of the season, where almost all the points have already been shared, there is a big push for the Netherlands, whose record is 18.4 points this season.

Ranking order of the odds (sorted by position as of 01.07.22)

5. France 59,915 (+0,500) 48 415 (+0 500) 1/6
6. The Netherlands 48,500 (+0,600) 45,600 (+0,600) 1/5
7. Portugal 53,382 (+0,167) 43 716 (+0 167) 0/6
8. Scotland 36,100 (+0,600) 32,100 (+0,600) 1/5
9. Austria 38 850 (+0) 29,100 (+0) 0/5
10. Belgium 30,600 (+0) 28,000 (+0) 0/5

Portugal managed to scratch the last points of their season via Benfica on Wednesday. The draw against Liverpool (3-3) gave 1 club point (shared by 6 Portuguese) and thus 0.167 points. Benfica dropped out and the same fate befell SC Braga a day later in the European League. Braga won the Rangers at home, but had to admit their superiority in Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s team in Scotland (overtime 3-1).

In the decisive phase of the European season, the Netherlands has another trump card to grow further. Feyenoord can still score a total of 8 club points (1.6 points), but then the Rotterdam team in the Conference League Olympique Marseille will have to win both semi-finals and then check the final. In any case, each win gives two club points, a draw one point and two more bonus points (for reaching the final and also for winning it).

Explanation of the ranking of coefficients
Since 2003, the Netherlands has only received one guaranteed Champions League sub-group ticket (plus one pre-round ticket), but due to the extraordinary performances of recent years, it is suddenly close to the Eredivisie second place ticket. . This would be great news for Dutch football, which in this case describes an insurance premium of EUR 30 million (roughly the minimum starting premium for the Champions). In addition, Eredivisie will then receive an additional sixth European ticket (there are currently five) and the European Union Cup winner will then be given direct access to the sub-group tournament (now a play-off ticket).

To achieve this, the top 6 in the ranking of coefficients must be achieved. Based on the ranking for which European clubs earn points, UEFA distributes European tickets for the new season each year. For a long time, Portugal seemed firmly in sixth place, but the number seven, the Netherlands, is making huge progress. The Netherlands is now aiming for the finish line at the end of the 2022/23 season, so tickets for the 2024/25 season will only be available in a year’s time. This season, the backlog is too big to catch up with Portugal, but in the clean rankings of 1 July 2022, the Netherlands is now almost 1884 ahead of Portugal.

Points collected for the country in this round

France +0500 Marseilles +0,500 | Lyons +0 | Lille | PSG | reindeer monaco
Portugal +0.167 Benfica +0.167 | SC Braga +0 | Sporting Portugal | FC Porto
The Netherlands +0600 Feyenoord +0,600 | PSV +0 | Ajax | Vitesse | AZ |
Scotland +0600 Rangers +0600

Which place is suitable for which tickets?

1 t / m 4 4 direct 2 direct 1 preliminary round
5 2 straight, 1 preliminary round 2 direct 1 preliminary round
6 2 direct, 1 preliminary round 1 direct 2 preliminary rounds
7 t / m 10 1 straight, 1 preliminary round 1 preliminary round 2 preliminary rounds
11 t / m 15 2 preliminary rounds 1 preliminary round 2 preliminary rounds
16 t / m 50 1 preliminary round 0 3 preliminary rounds
51 t / m 55 1 preliminary round 0 2 preliminary rounds

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