Feyenoord has a nice amount left over from a successful European campaign

Friday, April 15, 2022 at 7:33 am

Reaching the semi-finals in the conference league does not mean good news for Feyenoord from a purely athletic point of view. A successful European campaign will also offer the people of Rotterdam a significant financial reward. So far, the Feyenoord Conference League has already collected nearly eleven million euros after the gate receipts.

Feyenoord started the second round of the third European tournament last summer. After working with FC Drita, FC Luzern and Elfsborg IF, the Rotterdam team reached the subgroup tournament, which took home 2.92 million euros in prize money. To this was added a multiplier premium of EUR 1.09 million. Feyenoord was able to add € 500,000 per win (three times) and € 166,000 per draw (twice) to Slavia Prague, Union Berlin and Maccabi Haifa.

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As the group winner, Feyenoord secured not only a bonus of 650,000 euros, but also a place in the eighth final of the conference league. UEFA paid a bonus of € 600,000 to the last 16 clubs. Thus, the Feyenoord counter was already at more than € 7.5 million after the sub-phase. Reaching the quarter-finals at the expense of Partizan in Belgrade gave a million euros. With a 1: 3 win over Slavia Prague, Feyenoord secured the ticket semi-final and a two-million-euro prize money on Thursday night.

This total of € 10.6 million will increase significantly when the final in Feyenoord is reached. The loser of the conference league will receive three million euros, but the tournament will still win five million euros. Moreover, this amount does not include income market pool UEFA, but it is expected that a further EUR 500 000 will be credited as a result. Receipts from home games are also not included in this amount.

The PSV counter stops at 16 million euros
PSV was eliminated in the conference league by Leicester City on Thursday night. The Eindhoven people started the European campaign in the preliminary round of the Champions League, in which, unlike the conference league, prizes are already being awarded. The loser in the play-off was € 5 million, in addition to the € 200,000 prize in the previous two rounds.

Following the loss to Benficaga at the diptych, PSV was fined € 7.19 million for playing in the European League: a start-up bonus of € 3.63 million and a multiplier bonus of € 3.56 million. The results achieved in the group with Real Sociedad, AS Monaco and Sturm Graz earned 1.68 million euros, PSV could expect 300,000 euros in the middle of the Conference League.

PSV Maccabi then entered into agreements with Tel Aviv and FC Copenhagen for a total of EUR 1.6 million. This brings the total cost of the European campaign to almost € 16 million, although this amount does not yet include the revenue from the campaign. market pool (estimated at € 2.5 million) and receipts from home games.

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