Feyenoord has so far earned it in the conference league

16:05 – Feyenoord has a great season in the new conference league. After winning the 1: 3 visit to Slavia Prague, he has a chance to win a European award, and the people of Rotterdam have also done a good job financially.

The victory in Prague brought Feyenoord two million euros. This is the amount that clubs will receive for entering the conference league semi-finals. This makes the total cost of this European campaign for Rotterdamers at least EUR 10 612 000. This is purely about the prize money, so there is added revenue from ticket sales, for example. Also revenue market pool does not belong. UEFA will not disclose them.

Feyenoord earned 2.94 million euros by reaching the subgroup phase of the tournament. The four wins in that subgroup totaled another two million euros, two draws 332,000 euros. The team then received 650,000 euros for the group victory and another 600,000 euros for the eighth final. Reaching the quarterfinals then gave one million, and now that Feyenoord is also in the semifinals, another two million euros will be added.

The rest of the tournament has another five million prize money in Feyenoord. Winning a diphthong with Olympique Marseille and making it to the finals is good for three million euros. Winning this final means another two million euros. In addition, the winner of the conference league will automatically qualify for next season’s European League, which means that Feyenoord can also fund next season.

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