First Feyenoord players in Prague: “We’ll do it tomorrow”

Prague is already getting closer to supporters in Feyenoord. The capital of the Czech Republic should be the site of a historic evening. RTV Rijnmond is in Prague and has already spoken to some supporters and Ben Wijnstekers.

“I’m confident,” said the former captain. ” You have had good results, but in the home game it was a bad end, of course 3-3. If we are in good shape, we should win here. But, I never know. It can be haunted here, it’s a crazy crowd and they have dangerous attackers. In addition, a number of boys have returned from the Slavia ban. It’s going to be hard, but I usually think we should win.

Wijnstekers flew to the business club Feyenoord in Prague on Wednesday morning, but went to taste the atmosphere of the city. “I already met a lot of supporters who came by car. I’m good to talk to them. When I was here in November, I only stayed for one day. Then you won’t see much of the city. Then I went to the stadium with all this escort. It was special and weird. All the cops walk along and then together into the subway. It’s a little calmer now. ”

The supporters present are also confident of a good result tomorrow night. ”Yes of course. The very first prize, hey, we always win it as Feyenoord. Last week’s 3-3 is a good starting point. ” Another supporter: ” We have to give those people from here a little hope, don’t we? We’ll go over it tomorrow. Ready! ” The meeting in the quarterfinals of the Conference League starts tomorrow at 21:00.

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