Fittipald satisfied with approaching Porsche and Audi: “This year’s best F1 news”

Lars Leeftink

Former F1 driver Emerson Fittipaldi sees no better news in Formula 1 this year than the arrival of Audi and Porsche. It’s not official yet, but Fittipaldi is excited.

From 2026, when the new engine rules and thus the new era in Formula 1, Porsche and Audi seem to strengthen Formula One. This is likely to be done as an existing team partner, although creating your own team doesn’t seem out of the question yet. In terms of cooperation, Red Bull is mentioned the most. Since this season, they have made their own engine almost entirely and will do so more and more in the coming years. Christian Horner and Helmut Marko have already announced that they will listen and talk to two new parties.

Fittipaldi is seen as a complement to Porsches and Audis

In any case, Fittipaldi is fascinated by the arrival of Porsche and Audi. That’s what he says in the conversation Vegasinsider† “This is the best news for this year for Formula 1. If you get a brand like Volkswagen in F1, that would be fantastic news. Of course, there will be challenges. They really have to do their best to be successful. Invest a lot of money and bring in more. new people. That’s good news for F1, fans and racing. Formula 1 needs more competitive teams. “

Opportunities for Audi and Porsche

Creating your own team is, of course, the most obvious option for Audi and Porsche, but in many ways it is a much more expensive option than working with a team that already operates in Formula 1 and already has in-house pilots and employees. . Red Bull, as has been said, seems to be the most logical partner. Alpine would be an option as it is the only team that uses a Renault engine. There, however, French communication seems difficult to separate. All other teams use a Mercedes or Ferrari engine and should say goodbye to working with Porsche and Audi. AlphaTauri could be another candidate if she wants to become more independent. This team also uses the Red Bull engine. It is also possible that this cooperation will take place anyway if there is cooperation between Red Bull and Porsche or Audi. At present, however, it has yet to be approved by the FIA ​​and Formula 1.

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