Fourteen years after the roadside bomb, Leeuwenburgh prepares for his third Invictus Games

Almost fourteen years later, Leeuwenburgh kicks off his third and final Invictus Games, an international sports tournament for mentally and physically injured soldiers. As in the previous two races, he competes in cycling and swimming, but this time they are not the only two sports he has started at. His focus is on running.

The fact that he could run again was the reason why Leeuwenburgh once again took part in the Invictus Games, which will be held in The Hague this year (April 16-22). “Show that something no one thought possible has succeeded. Everyone thought I could never run again. Now I can prove the opposite. It’s going to be 1,500 meters of fun.”

Long rehabilitation

After the roadside bombing in Afghanistan, it was impossible for Leeuwenburg to walk for a long time, let alone run fast. “Leaving the burning vehicle, it was already clear that the leg wasn’t hanging properly. It had just turned 180 degrees.”

Before Leeuwenburgh returned to the Netherlands, he was already in operation in Afghanistan due to the most serious injuries. At the time, as athletic as he was, however, he had high hopes of regaining his old character. “Sometimes a footballer breaks something. He recovers from it and can play football again.”

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