German right-wing extremists arrested over plan to kidnap health minister

German police have arrested four people suspected of planning the abduction of Health Minister Lauterbach. They also reportedly planned to cause a power outage across the country with attacks on the power grid, in order to start a civil war. This was announced by the State Attorney’s Office in Koblenz. The picture shows twelve suspects.

The arrested suspects participated in groups campaigning against German corona measures and were members of the far-right Reichsbürger movement. The group refuses to recognize the German state because they believe it was imposed by the Allies after World War II. They want to return to the pre-war state.

Minister Lauterbach reacted to the announcement of the abduction plan at a press conference. “This shows that the protests against the crown are not only radicalized, but that it is now more than Covid,” he said. “There are powers that intend to destabilize the state and democracy and use the crown protests.” He calls the group small but very dangerous.

Delivery of weapons

daily news ARD reports that the group wanted to buy tens of thousands of euros worth of weapons, mines and protective equipment. They were to receive their first shipment this week at the Neustadt an der Weinstraße, in the Rhineland-Pfalz, which consisted of two Kalashnikovs and five pistols.

German public media reports that the delivery was a trap and that the buyer could be arrested when he comes for the weapons, as well as two others in Lower Saxony and Brandenburg. The last detainee is a man who is still abroad. It has not been announced in which country it is located.

Police searched a total of 21 houses in different states. Computers, telephones and other data carriers were seized.


Twelve suspects targeted by police were in various right-wing extremist Telegram groups such as ‘Vereinte Patrioten’ and ‘Aktive Patrioten’. ARD program Mainz report had an approach to the history of the conversations of these groups and noticed signs of right-wing extremist ideas and great resistance to German corona politics.

Within the groups, there were attempts to assassinate politicians. Members also exchanged tips on how to make poison. It is stated that the members met physically several times.

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