Gullit advises Van Gaal: “He could use such a man in his system”

Ruud Gullit thinks Bologna midfielder Jerdy Schouten does not look inappropriate in the Dutch national team. The analyst sees that the former Excelsior player is developing very well in Serie As.

Schouten will play Juventus with Bologna on Saturday night, and Gullit will be praised for his Dutch qualities at Ziggo Sport’s studio. “He has peace of mind with the ball, he plays the right color of the ball and is always in the right place,” the former team member praised. “Louis (Van Gaal, ed.) Can use such a man in the system he wants to play. He’s a good guy. If you can play football in Italy, you can handle the Orange level.”

Last season, Schouten could count on the bottom and top of Serie A, including Atalanta Bergamo. “I understand that, they play in one system. I don’t know how it manifests in another system,” Gull wonders. The analyst calls Schouten a candidate for Eredivisie. “You can see that he has peace of mind in the game. PSV can use it.”

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