“Heracles Almelo won’t let Hoogma come back, supporters are outraged”

Nico-Jan Hoogma is open for a return to Heracles Almelo, but the club doesn’t like it. Eredivisie number thirteen keeps the boat away and thus irritates supporters, mediates TC / Tubantia.

Hoogma (53) was the general manager of Heracles until 2018, when he was appointed director of KNVB’s top football. From there leaves Hoogma, who likes to return to Hercules, but Hercules does not. Supporters, sponsors and club followers are not happy with this, according to Tubantia.

Hoogma assures the newspaper that he is open to returning to Hercules. “I would like to return to the dynamics of leading a professional football organization (BVO) with a small group of policymakers and experience the weekly competitive tension. As in Heracles. be the one with whom I had coffee and what was talked about.

Hans Bredewoud, chairman of Heracles, told Hoogma that a return to Heracles was unrealistic because the board did not want to fall back on personalities who symbolize times past, Tubantia describes. Rob Toussaint, CEO, refers to Bredewoud. According to Tubantia, Hercules’ leadership confirmed the “invisible.”

Hoogma will also be the head coach of FC Twente after this season.

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