Hundreds of Thais rescued from Chinese fraud in Cambodia

It is normal for intermediaries to come to hire workers in rural areas of Thailand. But in this case, it was a recruit for a Cambodian fraudulent gang. “If I had known that I had to deceive my compatriots in this business, I would never have done it,” says the anonymous Thai.

‘Fraud investigation’

Employees, for example, pretended to be agents over the phone. They had to say that someone with the identity of the person invited had committed fraud. They were then asked to transfer money to prove they had nothing to do with the fraudster. “So I transferred all my money,” victim Mon told a news channel. The 37-year-old never returned the amount.

Callers say they had to extort at least 500,000 baht a month from unsuspecting people. That turns into more than 13,000 euros. If the ‘employees’ didn’t, they risked being sold to another gang.

It is not focused on China

“Everyone wants to leave, but no one has the money to redeem themselves,” said another victim of the criminal organization. According to police, it costs several thousand euros per release.

It is estimated that the gang earns more than a quarter of a million euros a day from fraud. “These gangs appear like mushrooms,” a Thai police spokesman said. According to him, the Chinese authorities pay little attention to such criminal organizations because the fraud is not aimed at China or its citizens.

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