Is Drenthe even richer at Eredivisie after tonight?

In the meantime, hard work is being done on a possible promotion party. As you get closer, the blood of a fan of FC Emmen flows faster in the blood vessels. It’s the same party four years ago. Although there are differences.

At that time, the promotion came unexpectedly. At Rotterdam Castle, Sparta was defeated beyond expectations and a tribute was urgently needed. The consequence? Too little beer. The catering industry had to give up because the organization was expecting 5,000 visitors and eventually 15,000.

This year it will be prevented, confirms Laurens Meijer, the head of the center. The situation is different, of course. “Everyone is expecting a party on Saturday,” says Meijer. He also says that no further action is expected outside the ceremony at the center. “For example, there are no fillings this year.”

Meijer does not expect any problems with drinking stocks this year. “We know what a party is and what we need to consider. I’m expecting 15,000 visitors again, so the catering industry knows what to do.” Although, of course, he does not know how many people actually sit in the car or on the “bike”. “I think we’re already pretty full of 15,000 people.”

In the unlikely event that more people arrive, enforcement will be implemented to ensure that things run smoothly. “Labels with texts like ‘Emmen is full’ are also used. There are such possibilities, but above all we look forward to it,” concludes Meijer.

It will be clear tonight whether Dick Lukkien’s red-and-white brigade can really be admired in the ranks of Eredivisie next year. If FC Emmen wins against FC Dordrecht, they are there. If the club loses, the man will still not be overboard and a week later the Emmenaren will have a new promotion.

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