“It’s too much for PSV, but Ajax would definitely never lose to this Leicester?”

Dropping out of Leicester, as happened with PSV in the quarter-finals of the conference league on Thursday night, would not have happened quickly. That’s what Kenneth Perez thinks.

PSV still had a chance to win three prizes until Thursday, but the first overall victory of the Conference League went to Leicester with a loss of smoke (1-2). “It’s not a miracle team, but it’s probably too much for PSV right now,” Perez told ESPN.

Leicester is ninth in the Premier League. “That’s too much … Ajax would never lose to this Leicester, right?” continues to Perez, who will be immediately countered by ESPN studios Pierre van Hooijdonk. The former international points to the mediocre form of the Amsterdam team. “Really, only in January.”

Perez continues: “PSV is competing with Ajax, which is really nice.” The cup final is on Sunday. “Of course it’s nonsense for PSV. Extending and then dropping out would have been worse, but it’s also a nice setback.”

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