Jeroen Akkermans on ‘murder plot’: ‘Story Russia wants to come out’

According to experts, a video of the Russian security service was mounted, which would show how Ukrainian spies were recently arrested. The main clue to this is the video game The Sims, which lies between weapons and Nazi flags on ‘photos from evidence’ of Russians.

Eliot Higgins, the founder of the Bellingcat research collective, says that he thinks that the Russian intelligence officer replaced the game with a SIM card. He assumes that ‘a member of the Federal Security Service was instructed to put three SIM cards between the found items’. An employee would then confuse that with the video game The Sims.

President Vladimir Putin announced yesterday that the FSB security service prevented an attempt to assassinate prominent television journalist Vladimir Solovyov. Shortly afterwards, a video appeared showing the arrest of Ukrainian neo-Nazis and spies.

‘Unreadable signature’

Apart from the video game, the video also showed something impressive. In it was a book with a dedication that was clearly legibly signed by an ‘illegible signature’. According to experts, the FSB employee took his job too literally instead of an illegible scribble under neo-Nazi language, he wrote the words illegible signature.

Correspondent Jeroen Akkermans is not even surprised by the ‘evidence’ of the Russians.

“Crazy is not even a word. But the Russian secret service, the FSB, works in a country where there are no more critical media. The FSB does not have to worry about equal Russian media, and therefore no public opinion. nor in Russia obviously no one notices such contradictions in the “burden of proof.” Neither in the FSB, nor in the behind-the-scenes stakeholders, nor in public opinion.They are not asked to do anything that could be criticized be explained.

Recorded without a doubt

“Outside of Russia, they fall for such inconsistencies, but they have nothing to do with it in the interior, what it is intended for. In Russia, it is simply taken over. All critical journalists are in prison, escaped or deported to the country.”

Akkermans says that the ‘conspiracy’ that these photos, as well as the video raids, need to prove, fits into the Russian story about Ukraine. After all, they attacked Ukraine to cleanse it of the Nazis. “They arrested men who accused them of planning an attack. That fits in with the Russian story that there are a lot of Ukrainians who are Nazis and undermine Russia’s authority. That fits.”


According to the Russians, the men would like to commit an attack on a well-known Russian journalist. “But I can’t imagine you’re a cop and you’re busy preparing for an attack to wear swastikas. This is too obvious.”

But the Russians also have to come up with something, says Akkermans. “It fits into the bigger story that the Ukrainian Nazis are also a threat in Russia. Then you have to show it, and they’re doing it with this. The story that the Nazis are working on has to come out.”

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