Johan Bakayoko passes the ball on the spur of the moment

Friday, April 15, 2022 at 10:07 pm• Last Updated: 10:28 PM

Johan Bakayoko was again in the chefs division on Friday night. Jong PSV’s FC Eindhoven received a play slashing through the home side’s central defense after 57 minutes, and chipped it past the keeper to score the 0 – 5 goal. Five minutes later, Bakayoko, who returned from a minor injury, also gave a perfect result pass: a 1: 3 victory for Ruud van Nistelrooij’s team, which makes Eindhoven quite worried. The third number too can be practically forgotten in the direct promotion and will probably reach the playoffs. The same goes for the fourth issue of Roda JC Kerkrade, who played Helmond Sport (5-3) in a frantic match.

FC Eindhoven – Young PSV 1-3
The home team was the dominant player in the start, with Mawouna Amevori and Valentino Vermeulen in the lead. In addition, Jong PSV scored a penalty shot by Joey Sleegers. The visitors only became dangerous in the first half, but Mohamed Nassoh’s shot went over. Simon Colyn’s penalty shot was very well placed but Martin Pérez went the right way, blocking it spectacularly. After seventy minutes, Johan Bakayoko again gave his business card a shocking blow that disappeared past Nigel Bertrams: 0-1. The unveiled Bakayoko Sixteenth League Gate was born a few minutes later. This time, his insane long-range strike disappeared again at the intersection, to the delight of everyone and everyone. The coach of Ruud van Nistelrooij allowed Jenson Seelti to score 0-3. Sleegers saved Eindhoven’s honor and also seemed to reach 2: 3 just ahead of time. However, this gate was canceled due to a deadlock. Just before the deadline, Male Kreekels returned to Jong PSV after a year of rehabilitation due to a serious knee injury.

Roda JC Kerkrade – Helmond Sport 5-3
The South Limburg goal kick kicked off in the sixth minute when Xian Emmers was able to hit Rodale free of charge. The score is 2-0 in the fourteenth minute after Dylan Vente’s leg. The attacker cut out the defense and was able to hit an empty target. Roda even managed to make 3-0. Vente hunt a clearance of Stefano Marzo but he sent it outside. ‘ The return of Helmond Sport was not long in coming. After 32 minutes, Jarno Lion sent the corner kick right to Giuseppe Marini who headed it sharply past the keeper. Roda’s progress disappeared within eight minutes of the break. Thomas Beekman caught everyone off guard with a great opening pass – but unfortunately Gaétan Bosiers was as surprised by the move as anybody else, and managed to miss the extraordinary opportunity. Roda straightened up and took the lead again in a few minutes. Patrick Pflück’s hard shot made Mike Havekotte too. A minute before the end, Emmers received his second letter of the evening after a beautiful individual activity.

VVV Venlo – Telstar 3-2
Nick Russia’s undisputed first striker since arriving in January had to be suspended due to illness. As a result, there was an opportunity at the base for Sven Braken in his position, who took full advantage of it. The attacker fired a shot from just outside the penalty area 25 minutes into the match, and missed the goal by a few meters. With his second goal, Braken took advantage of Kees de Boer’s intermission, then he was able to finish the hat trick with a simple goal: 3: 0. Telstar fought back nicely in the final phase. Özgür Aktas neatly controlled the ball after a short corner, and knocked it on to Glynor Plet who had the whole net open before him, but only managed to hit the post. Telstar could no longer achieve the result.

Noor AZ – ADO The Hague 0: 1
Both teams were clearly in trouble in the opening phase. Only 31 minutes into the game, Thomas Verheydti were awarded a penalty that Ricardo Kishna turned into 3 – 0 without a problem. A minute later, goalkeeper Sem Westerveld Verheydt knocked to the bar. Gregor Breinburg was the first to reach the corner kick, but his header was blocked by the keeper. ADO’s breakthrough came only in the second half. Kishna took the lead again against Verheydt and the physically strong striker was accurate with the head shot: 0-1. During the celebrations, the branch gave in, which meant that repairs had to be made. After waiting for about ten minutes, the game could continue. The ADO finally crossed the line without any problems after a 14-minute downtime.

No. The team M W G V +/- Pnt
1 FC Emmen 35 24 5 6 36 77
2 FC Volendam 34 19 11 4 26 68
3 FC Eindhoven 35 19 7 9 24 64
4 Roda JC Kerkrade 35 17 12 6 29 63
5 Excelsior 35 19 6 10 25 63
6 Ado den Haag 34 21 5 8 25 62
7 Young Ajax 34 17 8 9 17 59
8 NAC Breda 34 14 10 10 12 52
9 County 35 14 9 12 5 51
10 VVV Venlo 35 13 5 17 -10 44
11 TOP Oss 35 11 8 16 -9 41
12 Noor PSV 34 11 7 16 -2 40
13 FC Den Bosch 34 12 4 18 -20 40
14 Almere City FC 34 10 8 16 -8 38
15 Jong AZ 35 11 5 19 -13 38
16 Telstar 35 8 11 16 -23 35
17 Noor FC Utrecht 34 10 4 20 -24 34
18 MVV Maastricht 35 10 3 22 -34 33
19 FC Dordrecht 35 8 8 19 -26 32
20 Helmond sports 35 7 6 22 -30 24

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