Jumbo-Visma hits son Erben Wennemarsi (19) | Skate

Wennemars, the son of former top skater Erben Wennemars, has a contract with coach Jac Orie until mid-2024. Wennemars had a successful season with the juniors last season.

With three world titles (500, 1,000 meters and all sorts of classifications), five World Championship victories and six national titles, Dalfsenaar has won many top awards. “I wouldn’t have dreamed of winning everything I had to win at the start of the season,” he says. “I’m very happy to be able to end my junior era like this.”

Van der Guni’s assistant in Reggeborg for two years

Team Reggeborgh has a new assistant coach with Dennis van der Gun. Van der Gun has worked as a national selection sprint coach in Japan for the past four years. Former skater Michel Mulder graduated last month in Reggeborgh with coach Gerard van Velde as an assistant on the team. Van der Gun says he has known Van Veld for a long time. “I’ve worked with him before and always had a good relationship with him.” Van der Gun has a two-year contract.

“Reggeborgh is a great team of fantastic skaters in a very professional environment,” said the new assistant. Next year, Patrick Roest and Marcel Bosker will compete for the team. Other assistants are Robin Derks and Phil Brojaka.

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