Kieft is done with a “regular kick team”: “Nobody has to be sad about it”

Wim Kieft is pleased that Atlético Madrid has been eliminated from the Champions League. He doesn’t realize that people still praise Diego Simeone’s team who lost to Manchester City.

The analyst watched in horror what happened at Wanda Metropolitan on Wednesday night. “It is gratifying that Atlético Madrid was eliminated from the Champions League and that Manchester City survived a bout against Diego Simeone,” Kieft told De Telegraaf in its column. The Argentine is gaining momentum everywhere, and what he is doing and presenting is said to be great. You can definitely question that.

Kieft claims that Los Rojiblancos has lost sympathy. When Simeone reached the Champions League final against Madrid Real twice with Atletico Madrid and lost twice, he had created a team that can play very disciplined and good football. There is little or nothing left of it. The current Atletico is a regular striker. No one should be sad that Simeon and his scammers are out.

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