Kim Jong-un presents the famous news anchor with a luxury apartment: ‘She is the treasure of the earth’ | Abroad

The world-famous Ri Chun-hee was taken on a tour by none other than Kim Jong-un himself. They walked hand in hand to her new home. “It looks like a hotel,” she stammered as she spotted her new home, located overlooking the river in a posh neighborhood inhabited by North Korea’s elite.

The woman has been retired since 2012, but reappears on screen during major events. With a luxury apartment, Kim wants to thank her for her services. “She is the treasure of the earth,” he said flatteringly.

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atomic bombs

Ri Chun-hee, 79, is the most famous news anchor in North Korea, and with good reason. She is known for her extravagant way of presenting ‘news’, which has sometimes caused quite a bit of confusion. For example, she enthusiastically jumped while testing atomic bombs, burst into tears when Kim’s grandfather died and announced threats to ‘enemies of North Korea’ in a threatening voice. She also dresses very conspicuously: always in colored dresses (usually in pink, blue or green).

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The present is a cunning prop of the North Korean dictator. North Korea is celebrating ‘Sun Day’, Kim Il Sung’s birthday, on Friday. He is the founder of the communist state and also the grandfather of the current leader Kim Jong-un. Kim Il-sung died in 1994 and now holds the title of Eternal President of the Republic.

Kim Jong-un wants to donate all the apartments in the complex to people ‘who have contributed’ to building the country.

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