Leclerc agrees with Verstappen: “I don’t mean it”

Charles Leclerc warned that Ferrari should not be allowed to put additional pressure on the team. The team is leading both Formula One championships with a good distance, and Monegaski says it will get the attention it needs.

Last weekend, Leclerc won his second win of the season. His closest rival Max Verstappen was eliminated in Red Bull for the second time. With that, the Ferrari pilot increased his margin ahead of George Russell to 34 points and Verstappen is at 46 points. Ferrari leads the designers’ championship with a 39-point lead over Mercedes, while Red Bull is 10 points behind.

Leclerc joins Verstappen

Although the season is still very early, with 20 Grand Prix ahead, the revival of Ferrari has caused a lot of excitement among tifos and the media in Italy. In addition, the next competition will be held in Imola, Italy. Despite his good luck, Leclerc was booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle. Monegask says his team “must not overdo it” in an attempt to win its first design title after 2008.

Asked about the excitement in Italy before the Imola weekend, Leclerc replied: “Oh yes, I imagine, but I don’t want to think too much yet, because the season is very early. Of course it’s good to be in the lead. Thirty-four points are always good to grab, no matter where you are on the calendar, I don’t want to focus too much on the championship right now, so the Ferrari driver agrees with Verstappen after the Australian race, and the Dutchman said he didn’t want to focus on the championship, even though he had a different reason than Leclerc.

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