Lewis Hamilton was honored by being offered Brazilian citizenship

Lewis Hamilton has said that offering Brazilian honor is an “honor” for him. The Brazilian parliament has yet to vote on a bill that would allow Hamilton to officially become Brazilian, but if that happens, Hamilton will see his long-cherished dream come true.

Hamilton’s love for Brazil has never been hidden. The seven-time world champion has always adored Formula One legend Ayrton Senna. Hamilton has also been embraced by Formula 1 fans. Congressman Andre Figueiredo proposed making Britain an honorary citizen after Hamilton raised the Brazilian flag after last year’s victory in Interlagos. The bill has yet to be voted in the lower house of the Brazilian parliament, but Ciro Gomes, a party member of the PDue Figueiredo PDT and a presidential candidate, has wholeheartedly supported the proposal.

“I want to spend more time in Brazil”

“Hamilton, you already live in our hearts,” Gomes wrote on social media. He continues, “You are even closer to us with honorary citizenship.” That love is mutual, the head of Mercedes said, “I would be honored.” In addition, the Brazilian passport guarantees that there are no more restrictions. “I want to spend more time here in Brazil,” Hamilton said. “It’s such a beautiful culture. I’ve only been to Rios and Sao Paulo, but I want to come back for Christmas, New Year or something,” he continues. In addition, he already has a number of friends in the country whom he sees even more often, he says. “Neymar calls me every year and [surfer] Gabriel [Medina] also, but I never had a chance … I’m waiting for my Brazilian passport, “he concludes.

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