Life sentence for the killer, Conservative MP David Amess

A terrorist who stabbed Britain’s conservative Lower House Sir David Amess last October while talking to residents of his constituency has been sentenced to life in prison. Already on Monday, he was found guilty of murder and preparing terrorist acts. He heard his sentence today.

Somali Ali Harbi Ali, 26, who was described as a fanatical Islamist during the trial, had previously admitted to attacking Amessa for supporting British bombing of IS targets in Syria. During the trial, he said he absolutely did not regret the murder. Under the British legal system, a verdict means they will never have a chance at parole.

According to the United Kingdom judiciary, Ali Harbi Ali was a “bloodthirsty” supporter of the IS terrorist group. He is said to have considered the assassination of a British politician for years and to have, among other things, considered attacking political leaders such as current Deputy Prime Minister Raab or Labor leader Starmer.

Stabbed twenty times

Ultimately, 69-year-old Amess was the target. Harby Ali arranged a meeting with a conservative politician and attacked him at a church in Leigh-on-Sea, where Amess, according to British custom, met every week with voters in his district. But he apologized to Amessa for what he intended to do, pulled out a knife and stabbed the politician more than 20 times.

It later became clear that he was acting alone. Shortly before the attack, he sent a manifesto via WhatsApp to family and friends outlining his motives. After his act, he told an eyewitness that he wanted the police to shoot him, so that he would die as a ‘martyr’.

The murder caused a stir last year in the United Kingdom, which was already shaken in 2016 by the murder of Labor MP Jo Cox by a right-wing extremist. A judge in London therefore spoke of a murder that hit the heart of democracy. Amess’s family called Ali’s act “worse than evil.”

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